Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Time flies when you're having fun!

Has it been a month already? Thanks Ryan for reminding me to blog! Ok so I've got some awesome udpates!!! I've already finished Pre-Algebra, got a 96% on the Final! Thankfully it's a work at my own pace program so I got to burn through the entry level stuff and move into the higher classes quickly.

Critical Thinking isn't horrible, it's not game design but it's got some charm. The teachers are helpful and the students are fun to talk with, I honestly just wish we had a "chat time" or a better working forum to get in touch with other students. I've contacted the school about making the forums easier to find and let more GSP (Game and Simulation Programming) students know where it is but they're working on the huge GSP redesign, let me explain that one:

All the current GSP students received a letting this past week informing us that the program was changing, a lot of the fluff classes were being removed and we'd be getting more programming and development classes centered around our program which is amazing news! So instead of taking Intro to Game and Simulation Programming I'll be taking a mix of that and intro to logic and design (flow charting), and they're introducing students to C++ programming earlier. It also seems math will now teach 2D and 3D graphical programming mathematics.

In other news, my son is getting huge, 9 months old next week! He's learning to walk so fast, he holds the side of something and away he goes just moving along. Tomorrow we find out if the unemployment extension will come to light and my darling cousin Krista is trying out for American Idol. Honestly when I first heard about it I wasn't sure what to think, I had never heard her sing before and then my aunt sent me an mp3 of her singing "Sunday Bloody Sunday" at a school thing and I was really blown away. Her voice is really rich and is far more mature than her 17 years. So hopefully I wake up tomorrow hearing good news about money and my cousin. I wonder how to get more people to read this.... hrmmmmm....